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996 & 997 911 Rear Toe Link Kits:

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996 & 997 911 Rear Toe Link Kits:

Similar to our front bump steer kits for F and G generation 911’s, these kits allow the rear suspension toe angles of the 996/997 to be adjusted to a more favorable toe change curve.

Understanding rear bump steer:

Porsche, is the pinnacle of design and engineering excellence right? So why did they miss the mark on this generation's rear bump steer? These kits will allow you to correct/set the rear bump steer curve – correcting the unorthodox toe curve Porsche incorporated into the rear suspension of these cars. This removes that unstable feeling or wiggle in the rear of these cars. See the illustration below for the OE curve and how our kit corrects it. People often ask what sets our kits apart from the sea of cheapies. Well, they are made using more precision parts than other kits, use stronger steel in the upright pins, and the 5/8” rod ends are always Aurora, not cheap imports. These have been battle tested with top race teams for years and are made 100% with USA materials and labor. We chose to put the cost at the bottom of the list and make quality our #1 priority.