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Smart Camber with Hands Free Adapter - Kit

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This kit combines the SmartCamber tool with the Hands-Free Adapter.

The SmartCamber tool allows you to accurately measure camber and caster over a wide variety of wheel/tire combinations. Utilizing repeatable digital technology, the tool allows precise measuring regardless of where the vehicle is or what angled surface it is on. There is no misinterpretation with this tool because there are no bubbles or lines to subjectively read. The SmartCamber tool takes all of the guesswork out of camber and caster measuring.

  • Fast, simple, and accurate.

  • Easy to read digital inclinometer display measures to 0.1”.

  • The universal design is easily used with any wheel type, and diameters ranging from 3” to 22”

  • No need to remove hub caps, lug nuts or jack the car off the ground. This design is held in place by hand or clipped to the wheel.

    •  With this Hands-Free Adapter, it allows the gauge to be attached to the wheel so as you are making camber angle changes you can see them happening instead of putting your tools down and holding the gauge to the wheel, again and again.

  • Works equally well on level or non-level surfaces

  • Two tools in one, the SmartLevel module can be quickly removed to measure other things on the car, in the shop, or at home.

  • Widely used by Pro-Level Teams and enthusiasts, repair shops, educational institutions throughout the world

  • Our intention is you are keeping this tool for a lifetime, so we offer every part a la cart also. A Smart Racing Tool will never be antiquated.

  • Designed in California and made in Michigan, USA.

 From the Founder, Craig Watkins.

"I actually came up with the SmartCamber gauge before the SmartStrings - I needed something to replace my old trusty Dunlop gauge that had seen better days, and wanted something digital that could be used to measure the angle of other things on the car also. Proper camber settings are significant, not just for good tire wear for a street car but to get the most from a tire on a car that is auto-crossed or track driven - it's one of the most fundamental changes (along with toe angles) to improve handling. In any of these conditions, tire wear is greatly affected by proper or improper camber settings - and lap times. A hands-free adapter is available which can be added in the options menu or purchased separately. The photo showing the product with a tire shows both SmartCamber and the HFA adapter. A carrying case is now available and may be added in the Options menu."

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