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Real talk people! Sometimes there's a vehicle that doesn't fit the typical alignment routine. This is our 2002 Ford Quigley 4x4 E350. Our Trusty shop van got into a little dispute with a tree and lost..... which left us with some bent sheet metal and tweaked front suspension components. Finding the parts wasn't hard as the bones of this vehicle are pretty standard. However the four-wheel drive system is an upfit from Quigley and most alignment shops wouldn't touch it. This is just another great example of how versatile the smart strings are. Using our 18-in track width extension bars we were able to fit the smart strings in less than a half hour and have the toe and steering wheel offset dialed in within an hour. All in the comfort of our garage without towing it from place to place. From racecars to RVS smart strings are the DIY answer for precise vehicle alignment.