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SmartStrings Kit

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SmartStrings allow you to simultaneously align and “square” the car, that is, insuring that the rear axle is running true and parallel to the front axle. Also, since our strings attach to the car, they move with the car so when adjustments are made, the vehicle can be rolled to settle the suspension without the bother of the gauge having to be recalibrated. Since you can adjust all four wheels relative to one another, you can set the car up however you like, or however track conditions require. Properly installed, the strings form a perfect parallelogram around the car’s own centerline! Combined with the SmartCamber you can now perform a full four-wheel alignment precisely and quickly; at home, shop, or race track.

  • Fast and simple to use. If you can read a ruler, you can align your car
  • Universal, three-plane telescoping design easily attaches to nearly any car or truck
  • Fits track widths ranging from 48”-85”. ( We do offer an extension bar that increases this range to 99”)
  • Quickly and accurately measures toe angles on all 4 corners at once.
  • Ensures both axles' wheels are aligned to one another (so the car does not crab)
  • SmartStrings stay attached to the vehicle so rolling the vehicle after making toe changes does not change its calibration
  • Ruggedly built for everyday use at home, shop, or race track
  • Durable carrying case for transporting and storage (available separately)
  • Widely used by Pro-Level Teams and enthusiasts, repair shops, educational institutions throughout the world
  • Our intention is you are keeping this tool for a lifetime, so we offer every part a la cart also. A Smart Racing Tool will never be antiquated.
  • Designed in California and made in Michigan USA.

SmartStrings Manual (PDF)
Toe Settings Chart (PDF)