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Front Floating Rotor for F & G Gen 911's

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These kits are bolt-on floating rotors for F & G generation 911's and 914's. Designed to be a direct replacement for a standard rigid-type rotor. We use quality Zimmerman OE rotors, in both 20mm ('69 to '83) and 24mm ('84-'89), and machine them so they can be replaced separately - the hub has a nearly infinite service life.

The design premise for a floating rotor is it allows the rotor to maintain its concentricity to the brake pads.  That is, as the rotors, hubs, and struts are thermally growing and changing their relationships to one another the rotor is allowed to stay perfectly parallel to the surfaces of the brake calipers pads - no more steering wheel shaking and vibrating, or pedal pulsating during braking. Completely serviceable and individual parts are available separately.

This is a direct replacement kit for the OE rotors.  Since this is a "castle" type hub there is considerably less noise, or none, than the more common "bobbin" type floating rotors.  Comes complete with all necessary hardware.  Sold as individual corner kits so buy two for a complete axle set.

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