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Hands-free Adapter for SmartCamber

Works in conjunction with the SmartCamber tool.

With the Hands-Free Adapter, it allows you to attach the gauge to the wheel so as you make camber changes you can see the changes happening instead of putting your tools down and holding the gauge to the wheel again and again, saves time and effort.

A carrying case for this item will be available in the online store by September.

HFA Info Sheet (PDF)

Price: $39.95

SRP part #185-0080

Extended Contact Pin for SmartCamber

Photo shows extended pin and a standard pin for comparison

We do make a longer pin for some cars that have fender clearance issues. The pin is 1.5" longer than the standard 2.0" pin clearing wheel hubs or fenders. Works in conjunction with the SmartCamber and Hands Free Adapter.

Price: $4.95

SRP part #185-0102

2.1" double-knurled standoff and aluminum thumb wheel for Hands Free Adapter

The double-knurled pin is 0.1" longer than the two standard length contact pins. It must be installed at the top of the SmartCamber tool to keep the tool properly calibrated (it offsets the thickness of the Hands-Free Adapter). The new pin comes with the purchase of Hands-Free Adapter (HFA). Previous HFA buyers (prior to October 2014) can purchase it separately to update their HFA. Works in conjunction with the HFA and SmartCamber tool.

HFA Info Sheet (PDF)

Price: $4.95

SRP part #185-0073

String Bar

Individual half-bar lengths, for use in your SmartStrings setup. Each bar comes with a washer and a stud. Two of these bars fit together to make one "axle set". The SmartStrings kit contains two axle sets (4 bars total); purchase 2 of the String Bars to make a full bar.

Price: $39.95

SRP part #185-0050

Placing an Order

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3) SmartStrings and SmartCamber may also be purchased from one of the following approved retailers:

Hoerr Racing Products
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OG Racing
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Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies, Inc.
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Pelican Parts
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Performance Shock, Inc.
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Racer Parts Wholesale
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Wine Country Motorsports
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