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Please Note:
It has come to our attention that there are some SmartString kits whose right and left yellow unions are too tight and do not allow the 3/4" telescoping tubing to move freely. We have fixed the problem and we are very sorry for any trouble and aggravation this has caused you. If you are having a related problem, please return them for a replacement set.

Please return them to (be sure to keep the thumbscrews and include your name and return address):

Smart Racing Products Union Returns 9943 Hickman Road, Suite 102 Urbandale, IA 50322

I designed SmartStrings about 21 years ago, to perform precise alignments in my garage at home. It became too troublesome to make a change to my car at home, then take it to the alignment shop in the morning, work all day then bust my ass to get back there before they closed and so on - too much stress. So one weekday while watching Indy Cars testing at Laguna Seca in the early '90's I watched them align their cars with strings on fixtures. It popped into my head I needed to do the same at home - so I did. People saw them and wanted a set and so I redesigned them so they were completely universal, usable on virtually any car, anywhere. The resulting design was pretty effective, and over the years SmartStrings has developed a broad following; from home use, to dealerships using them to confirm calibration of their high-dollar alignment racks, to track days such as Hooked on Driving, to professional racing. And yes, when I was the chief engineer at Flying Lizard all those years we used both gauges - they still do.

A new carrying case is now available and may be added in the options menu

"From concourse 356's to class winning 911's, we use the SmartStrings and SmartCamber gauges exclusively" Auto Associates, Canton, CT

An Aligned Car is a Fast Car
SmartStrings allows you to adjust all four wheels relative to one another, so you can set the car up precisely to your specifications, or required track conditions. The tool's parallel strings form a perfect parallelogram around the car's own longitudinal centerline.

"I use SmartStrings and SmartCamber exclusively for my setup needs and find them easy to use and very accurate", Jeff Gamroth, Rothsport, Tualatin, Oregon

Combined with the SmartCamber Gauge, you can now perform a full four-wheel alignment precisely and quickly; at home, shop or race track.

SmartStrings Features and Benefits

  • Fast and simple to use. If you can read a ruler, you can align your car
  • Universal, three-plane telescoping design easily attaches to nearly any car or truck
  • Quickly and accurately measures toe angles
  • Ensures both axles' wheels are tracking as desired
  • SmartStrings stay attached to the vehicle so rolling the vehicle after making toe changes does not change its calibration
  • Ruggedly built for everyday use at home, shop or race track
  • Widely used by one-day event enthusiasts (such as Hooked on Driving days), autocrossers, club racers, professional races and tuners throughout the world
  • Designed in California and made in USA, Earth, Local Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Supercluster, Local Group, Observable Universe


Price: $449

SRP part # 185-0020

String Bars Available Separately
Need an extra half-bar for your SmartStrings setup? The half bars are now available as a separate item. Two of these bars fit together to make one "axle set". The SmartStrings kit contains two axle sets (4 bars total); purchase 2 of the String Bars to make a full bar.

Just an FYI about setup frequency and work
When I was at Flying Lizard, on a typical race weekend we would perform 8 to 10 setups and setdowns (a setup is a full chassis alignment prior to each session, a setdown is the opposite, done post-session to ensure the alignment settings have not drifted); that is probably more setups than most street cars will get in their lifetimes. It is one of the most important pieces of information we could collect to help determine causes of handling issues.

Hard Work and Time
Setups and setdowns can be time consuming and tiring. These tools have been around for years to help improve chassis accuracy and to decrease the time and effort required to do so.

Placing an Order

1) Shop at our online store. Click here to start shopping.

2) Email Smart Racing Products at

3) SmartStrings and SmartCamber may also be purchased from one of the following approved retailers:

Hoerr Racing Products
Order Toll Free: 866-851-7223 (US & Canada)

OG Racing
Order Toll Free: 800-934-9112 (US & Canada)

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies, Inc.
Order Toll Free: 800-688-6946 (US & Canada)

Pelican Parts
Order Toll Free: 1-888-280-7799 (US & Canada)

Performance Shock, Inc.
Order Toll Free: 1 800 965 5664 (US & Canada)

Racer Parts Wholesale
Order Toll Free: 800-397-7815 (US & Canada)

Wine Country Motorsports
Order Toll Free: 800 708-RACE (US & Canada)

(click on a small image to get a larger one)

Larry Jackson of Michelin cleaning a tire to accurately measure wear so camber and toe angles can be more accurately set

Custom Strings can be made for any car, here Loren Burgess toes the DP we ran at Daytona in '10 while I set the shocks and bump rubbers.

This car would be hard to align …