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I actually came up with the SmartCamber gauge before the SmartStrings – I needed something to replace my old trusty Dunlop gauge that had seen better days, and wanted something digital and could be used to measure the angle of other things on the car also. Proper camber settings are significant, not just for good tire wear for a street car but to get the most from a tire on a car that is auto-crossed or track driven - it's one of the most fundamental changes (along with toe angles) to improve handling. In any of these conditions, tire wear is greatly affected by proper or improper camber settings – and lap times.

"We've won two consecutive ALMS GTC championships in a row using the SmartStrings and Camber Gauge and Smart Setup Fixtures", Chris Barber, Crew Chief, Black Swan Racing

A Properly Aligned Car is a Fast Car

The SmartCamber tool was designed to accurately measure camber regardless of where the vehicle is or what angle surface it is on. The tool utilizes precise and repeatable digital technology and can be used over a wide variety of wheel/tire combinations regardless of where the vehicle is or what angle surface it is on.

"I've won over 50 PCA GT4 club races and used the SmartCamber Gauge since 1998 to help me do it," Gary Boss, Lake Forest, IL

Camber and Caster

Camber angle is commonly referred to as the inclination of the wheels from true vertical. Camber is read as either positive or negative.

Caster angle is the rearward inclination of the line the front steering wheels pivot around. It is important because it produces a lever-arm for lateral forces, that is, a speed-dependent returning torque to the center-steer position. Caster also increases the camber angle when the wheels are turned which can also increase the tires total grip.

Correct settings of these two angles results in a vehicle that tracks straighter, more predictably and helps maximize the traction potential of the tire.

SmartCamber Features and Benefits

  • Fast, simple and accurate
  • Easy to read digital inclinometer display and long battery life
  • Universal, three-point design easily used with nearly any wheel type, whether for cars or trucks (if using the Hands Free Adapter)
  • In nearly all cases, no need to remove hub caps, lug nuts or jack the car off the ground – is held in place by hand or clipped to the wheel – no magnets needed
  • Works equally well on level or non-level surfaces
  • Ruggedly built for everyday use at home, shop or race track
  • Widely used by one-day event enthusiasts (such as Hooked on Driving days), autocrossers, club racers, professional races and tuners throughout the world
  • Two tools in one, the SmartLevel module can be quickly removed to measure other things on the car, in the shop or at home.
  • If you already own a SmartLevel module, it will fit into the camber frame exactly the same way.
  • Designed in California and made in USA, Earth, Local Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Supercluster, Local Group, Observable Universe.

Price: $215

SRP part #185-0070

The Hands-Free Adapter is purchased separately. With the Hands-Free Adapter it allows you to attach the gauge to the wheel so as you make camber changes you can see the changes happening instead of putting down your tools down and holding the gauge to the wheel again and again. You can always buy the Hands-Free Adapter later on if you decide to.


Just an FYI about setup frequency and work
When I was at Flying Lizard, on a typical race weekend we would perform 8 to 10 setups and setdowns (a setup is a full chassis alignment prior to each session, a setdown is the opposite, done post-session to ensure the alignment settings have not drifted); that is probably more setups than most street cars will get in their lifetimes. It is one of the most important pieces of information we could collect to help determine causes of handling issues.

Hard Work and Time
Setups and setdowns can be time consuming and tiring. These tools have been around for years to help improve chassis accuracy and to decrease the time and effort required to do so.

Placing an Order

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(click on a small image to get a larger one)

Here, this customer uses a carpenters level to ensure the gauge is vertical. The module can deviate several degrees from true vertical and still read accurately, but he prefers this method. The gauge is super versatile and like any tool, you'll find your own ways to use it.

shown with optional Hands Free Adapter

Flying Lizard using SmartCamber

Flying Lizard using SmartCamber

shown with optional Hands Free Adapter

The SmartCamber gauge can be used in many different ways. Shown with optional Hands Free Adapter.