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Placing an Order

1) Shop at our online store. Click here to start shopping.

2) Email Smart Racing Products at

3) SmartStrings and SmartCamber may also be purchased from one of the following approved retailers:

Hoerr Racing Products
Order Toll Free: 866-851-7223 (US & Canada)

OG Racing
Order Toll Free: 800-934-9112 (US & Canada)

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies, Inc.
Order Toll Free: 800-688-6946 (US & Canada)

Pelican Parts
Order Toll Free: 1-888-280-7799 (US & Canada)

Performance Shock, Inc.
Order Toll Free: 1 800 965 5664 (US & Canada)

Racer Parts Wholesale
Order Toll Free: 800-397-7815 (US & Canada)

Wine Country Motorsports
Order Toll Free: 800 708-RACE (US & Canada)

You could try to buy them here but it's best to buy them directly from us or one of our great dealers to the left.