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I designed SmartStrings about 21 years ago, to perform precise alignments in my garage at home. It became too troublesome to make a change to my car at home, then take it to the alignment shop in the morning, work all day then bust my ass to get back there before they closed and so on - too much stress.

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I actually came up with the SmartCamber gauge before the SmartStrings – I needed something to replace my old trusty Dunlop gauge that had seen better days, and wanted something digital and could be used to measure the angle of other things on the car also.

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Baja 500

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SmartStrings & SmartCamber

Using SmartStrings along with the SmartCamber Gauge, you can now perform a full four-wheel alignment precisely and quickly; at home, shop or race track.

Soapbox Derby Car

Soapbox derby car aligned with SmartStrings

Flying Lizard Motorsports

Flying Lizard Motorsports uses our products to align their racecars